Cannabis Seminars created to help new & established cannabis businesses to identifying Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) risks associated within their cannabis facility. 

Aaron Furman from FS-Origins with Hemp Forward Event and HGH Hemp Co. and Center Pivot Group (CPG)

Interviewing for Hemp Forward, and High Grade Hemp Seed Co., in collaboration with Center Pivot Group


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FS-Origins is committed to growing your teams cannabis business. We have been helping new Medical Cannabis Businesses launch and established Industrial Hemp Businesses grow, FSO helps cannabis entrepreneurs streamline their marijuana licenses, optimize their facility design, create standardize operations and procedures, and maximize canna business development.


We have helped cannabis businesses in the European Cannabis Markets, South American Medical Cannabis Markets and GMP Extraction  Markets throughout the Americas.  No matter the team, our group is dedicated to creating a global marketplace for both Medical Cannabis and Industrial Cannabis Businesses.

CUMCS Seminar - European Union (Berlin, Germany) 2020

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Control Union's Medical Cannabis Seminar (CUMCS) - Bogota, Colombia 2019



Aaron Furman and FS-Origins have been dedicated to educating the cannabis industry since 2014. As one of the Cannabis industry’s most trusted cannabis business consultants, we've helped to guide cannabis entrepreneurs and cbd startups entering the global cannabis marketplace, as well as educating State and National Level Governments on Cannabis Regulations, GAP and GMP involving Cannabis Extraction.  

If you can think of a scenario where you and your team need education, or even just a quick refresher course, we have a cannabis education program designed to meet your specific needs. 

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Medical Cannabis Seminar (CUMCS)


Our CUMCS Seminar, built in partnership with Control Union Academy, offers the 1st integrated course for setting up your Medical Cannabis Cultivation, Cannabis Extraction & Cannabis Processing Facilities in accordance with EU-GMP and CUMCS-G.A.P. (GACP Compliant).  This highly interactive seminar, available both online and onsite, features 3-5 days of in depth coverage of Cannabis from Experts across the globe (Including Control Union Auditors, Blue Inspection Body GMP experts) and leading extraction experts from the United States.  

Our international team of cannabis experts will help you and your team to break down practical theory involved with good agricultural practices and good manufacturing practices, as well as go into a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to set up and operate your farm and processing facilities in accordance with EU-GMP Guidelines. 

This seminar is the first Cannabis Educational Program that covers both GMP and GACP, and helps to educate your team on what it takes to turn your Cannabis Business into a Brand that is recognized on the Global Cannabis Marketplace.

Medical Cannabis Outline

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Testimonials from CUMCS Seminar Graduates

From Graduates Throughout the Globe, including: 

  • European Union 

  • Middle East 

  • Africa 

  • Americas