Do Cannabinoids combat disease?

This is a great question. So great, that I still find myself walking delicately through the answer because of the negative stereotype cannabis has as a counterculture. My goal is to educate people on the power of this plant, not scare them. So in order to answer this question, I think I have to call out the elephant in the room...THC. You will hear me say "cannabis" which refers to the cannabis plant and part of that cannabis plant are numerous cannabinoids, including ∆9-THC, more commonly known as the molecule that will alter your mind (aka get you "high").

Now here the great news, in a full-spectrum CBD dominant oil, there are minute levels of ∆9-THC, and there should be, because ∆9-THC is used to help alleviate pain and suffering, but that does not mean that there is enough to alter your state of mind. I personally do not like ∆9-THC because I like having my faculties about me, but, I know from experience that when dealing with chronic pain there is no substitute for nature's very own ∆9-THC. At levels well below 0.3% (legal limit of THC in Industrial Hemp) there is ∆9-THC present in all full-spectrum oil bases (as opposed to "broad-spectrum" oil bases which have non-detectable ∆9-THC levels) but not enough to cause for concerns about altering your mental functions.

∆9-THC is hands down incredible at helping people who suffer from chronic pain, and thanks to scientific achievements in AG, we can now enjoy a full-spectrum cannabinoid profile with minute amounts of THC (not enough to get you "high")! So don't be nervous about making a fool of yourself by trying a Full-Spectrum CBD Product, chances are good no one (including yourself) will notice a change!

So let's talk about Cannabis the "Drug"

The use of cannabis as a “drug” has undergone a remarkable change of direction in the last 10 years: considered once as a symbol of countercultures, it is presently being hailed as a cure for any number of diseases and conditions from cancers to Alzheimer’s.

Cannabis DOES NOT only mean THC, the component of the Cannabis Sativa plant that will get you “High”, cannabis should refer to nearly 120+ individual cannabinoids within the cannabis sativa plant that support daily functions within our bodies. When asking about cannabis regarding health and well being, you are opening the floor for discussions regarding personal beliefs and science, so be careful. When I am asked to speak with people, I try to ask questions regarding why that person is looking for options to pharmaceuticals, and I would only ask that you do the same - not everyone is a celebrated users of cannabis and some are simply trying to better understand the whole plant, and education is key.