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Does your current CBD product actually work?

At Becalmed CBD we have been asking thousands of our competitor's customers "does your CBD product actually work?", and the answers have been astounding. Commonly we have heard "I think so", or there is mention of "sleep benefits" or "anxiety reduction" but rarely do we hear "YES" so we began to ask ourselves "why?". Why do these CBD buyers keep buying products that may not be working for them?" - the answer seems so much simpler than we originally thought.

The CBD industry is a novel industry, emerging from the ashes of counter cultures and it seems to thrive on a taboo treatment and people simply want to try something new and talked about! CBD gives an opportunity for alternative therapies for any number of disorders, it's on the tip of everyone's tongue and it's the very definition of a gold rush mentality.

So can you imagine what people can accomplish within their bodies when they find the RIGHT CBD PRODUCTS as opposed to just a CBD product? It is an interesting concept, one that we have focused on since our beginning and it's a concept that will continue to drive our brand to improve the very core of the CBD industry.

CBD does help our customers with numerous ailments, including diseases and disorders, as the science continues to pour in with new data reinforcing the speculative ideologies from the following decades past, people are beginning to better understand how cannabinoids can possible give them therapeutic relief.

Can CBD brands say things like "CBD cures cancer", or " CBD manages pain", well of course we can't - but our customers can speak about their personal journey with cannabinoids like CBD, and that is often enough to speak directly to those that are still on the fence.

As the science behind cannabinoids evolves, so should our brands, and Becalmed CBD is no different. We've realized that in the early stages of the CBD "Gold Rush" that education and trust are equally as important as the products behind our brand and we continue to focus on what our customer's needs are by listening.

Recently, our founder Aaron was diagnosed with an idiopathic liver disease called Primary Schlerosing Cholangitis (PSC), which affects the human body in numerous ways, unfortunately it is an incurable disease that has no clinically approved treatment(s). Ironically, Aaron was told that he could no longer use CBD products because the liver is directly impacted by this disease, and the liver's primary function in the body is filtration - cannabinoids like CBD compromise liver function so we adapted for our user's benefit! We went to work and we created a natural polymer based water soluble cbd delivery system that proves to be truly revolutionary. Not only is our Beverage Enhancer 90+% more efficient than traditional CBD products, its water soluble, meaning that it absorbs directly into the blood stream prior to hitting the liver (which normally filters up to 85% of the cannabinoids from the body) allowing for the user to enjoy the full benefits of the cannabinoids without a dilution from the natural functions of our bodies.

Our CBD Beverage Enhancer delivers the balance our bodies needs in order to achieve the wellness we require. During the creation process of our revolutionary water-soluble beverage enhancing formulation, we’ve combined essential cannabinoids like CBD (50%), CBG (25%), and CBN (25%), all of which create a balanced offering of healing for our bodies. Our formulation specifically offers the highest bioavailability seen in the global CBD marketplace. Our beverage enhancement offers quick results when needed the most.

Featuring water soluble CO2 extracted full-spectrum CBD extract fortified with a CBG, CBN, as well as beneficial flavonoids and terpenoids, our CBD beverage enhancer is the ideal delivery system for CBD veterans and beginners alike. A true compliment to our customer's daily routines, from their morning coffee to their afternoon smoothies, our beverage enhancer truly promotes the healthy lifestyle without getting in your way.


At Becalmed CBD we recognized the need for a CBD Wellness product capable of rapid absorption into the human body while maintaining the efficacy of the hemp plant. Our Beverage Enhancer is clean, simple and efficient! Our formulation delivers to the user a unique cannabinoid user experience, designed for the rapid introduction of water-soluble based CBD product that is fortified by a team of major and minor cannabinoids. Becalmed CBD brings you the purest Full Spectrum CBD user experience in the CBD market today.


Studies have shown that using a Full Spectrum CBD delivery system bolsters the medicinal/therapeutic value in your body by creating what is commonly referred to as the ‘Entourage Effect’ – meaning that a team of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids are working in harmony with one another to deliver benefits to the human body in an efficient manner that far exceed the use of isolated individual cannabinoids on their own. At Becalmed CBD, we believe that purity is quality, and the delivery of cannabinoids in an efficient manner is our promises of wellness for you and your loved ones.


Becalmed CBD Beverage Enhancement is truly 100% water soluble! What does “water-soluble” mean for you? This means a revolutionary approach to cannabinoid delivery, a method that allows the user to create a customizable solution for their personal wellness – be it in your morning coffee or your afternoon smoothie, our water-soluble solution is the perfect compliment to your daily health routine.

Our water-soluble beverage enhancement system has been verified by 3rd party testing to be up to 90% more absorbable than traditional CBD products sold by our competitors. And did we mention that at 23 nanometers in size (verified through Microtracks) our formulation’s bioavailability absorbs directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the liver’s natural filtration! Fast and Efficient.


Our CBD Beverage Enhancer is Extracted with natural CO2 extracts, our extracts naturally preserve the desirable Flavonoids, Terpenoids, and Phytocannabinoids that are represented in our organically grown US hemp. Our extracts are the cleanest and purest CBD profiles in the world and we celebrate that achievement in every product we produce!

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