Where is Walmart?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

If you are seated on a board of directors in the Cannabis space, then I'll assume you've asked the question "Well, how do we get Walmart?".

Let me rephrase this last sentence, if you are seated on a board of directors in the Industrial Cannabis space, then I'll assume you've asked the question "Well, how do we get Walmart?". It's a strong question, a question that has been asked by some of the strongest groups in the CBD Cannabis space since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, which allowed once again for the production of and manufacturing* of Industrial Hemp / Cannabis [specifically CBD or Cannabidiol] products in the United States. So what's the answer? Where is Walmart, and why aren’t they knocking down your door?

You’ve hired accordingly, you have the Greek God/dess that knows how to control a showroom floor, you have the “Marketing” expert that keeps coming up with new and exciting ways to only maintain the status quo (that you had hoped might change as people become more educated on the good your company was doing due to the team you had put together). You’ve hired the best SEO team (for whatever that means). You've hired that "in touch" millennial that knows how to get 100K bots…I mean "humans" that now follow you on Instatwitter. You dropped too much on that extraction salary (that you still aren’t quite sure why) and after 2+ years and the oils you are producing do not seem to be any different than when you first started which makes you wonder why you also have an “R&D Specialist” on your payroll. You've been blogging, not to mention the mail chimp campaigns. And you cannot forget that one manager that came with an intimidating resume, even though he just graduated from CU Boulder in the summer of 2019. So again, you ask yourself, WHERE IS WALMART?!

Why did you take on the A-Share investor(s) that were required in order to supply the salaries required for the absorbent payroll listed above, if Walmart isn’t going to call and request a sit-down?

And then one night, suffering from an anxiety attack that seems to have stemmed from the predicament that you currently find yourself in, something makes your fingers type “Supply Chain Management in the Cannabis Space” into the old Google search bar.

Nothing but blog posts and startup companies pop up, which is strange, because you cannot be the first person to realize that Cannabis (Industrial and Medical) is well on its way to becoming just a normal global commodity, and with all global commodities, they require a global supply chain management team to endorse your product prior to a Walmart picking it up to place on their shelves. But again, you begin to wonder, why aren’t there any Titans of Industry that are focusing on Supply Chain Management for the Cannabis Space? Is it still too risky? Has the intrigue of Cannabis not reached the desks of the major commodity desks? I mean, Cannabis has never caused an auto accident (though the author of this post still finds a sinister motive behind a statistic such as this), there has never been a documented “addiction” for the Cannabis Sativa plant (again, the author finds this claim suspect as well). Cannabis can apparently cure both “Cancer” and “Covid-19” though the FDA has failed to endorse such a claim.

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But again, you a