Kari's "Moon Balm" was created out of necessity for loved ones that suffer from monthly cycles.  Our topical (external use only) formulation is designed to rapidly adminster help when needed the most, and acts as a quick aid when trying to take on the demands of today's frustrations. 


Formulated with CO2 extracted natural oils and enriched with USDA compliant Industrial Hemp extracts, our unique formula is both simple and functional.  Ask Kari!   


While the cannabinoids communicate directly with your Endocannnabinoid System (ECS), the Lavender and Eucalyptus both calm and soothe your sleep habits.  


This product does contain both major and minor cannabinoids (including ∆9 THC at <.3%) 


Consult your physician before taking any new dietary supplements or if you are pregnant.  ∆9 THC is fat soluable and it presents itself within a mother's breast milk, FS-Origins advises against using this product during lactation. 

600mg CBD | Kari's Moon Balm

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