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Becalmed CBD Tinctures are enriched with the cleanest source of natural cannabinoids in the US - 100% CO2 CBD Extracts.  Our CBD dominant phytocannabinoid oil blends are fortified with both CBG and CBN, and our full-spectrum cbd formulations do contain trace amounts of THC to combat pain and other disorders.  At Becalmed CBD, we focus our attentions on health and wellness by providing the most natural tinctures on the market! 


We formulated the Becalmed Water Soluble product line to deliver wellness. By combining CBD (50%), CBG(25%), and CBN(25%), you may experience a calming blissful feeling. Becalmed  Beverage enhancer delivers results quickly. Featuring water soluble full-spectrum CBD extract fortified with a CBG, CBN, flavonoids, and terpenoids, this product is well-suited for CBD veterans and beginners alike.


Use Instructions: Take 15-30 drops per day. Add to your beverage of choice.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum hemp extract (50% CBD, 25% CBG, 25% CBN), and water

Potency: 600mg Active Ingredient (~1mg per drop)

Size: 30mL



Becalmed CBD brings you a true Full Spectrum CBD product fortified with a team of phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids. Studies have shown that using Full Spectrum CBD products can bolster the medicinal impact through the 'Entourage Effect' - meaning that a team of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids are working together to deliver results better than they ever could by themselves. Here at Becalmed CBD, we believe in product quality that delivers on its promises to bring you wellness.



When smoking hemp, the human body can only absorb about 30% of the cannabinoids available. When taking oil based CBD products orally, the absorption rate is even less due to filtration by the body's liver. The reason for this is that many CBD products are oil based, and our bodies are not made of oil… We are 60% water!


Studies have shown that at best 15-20% of oil based CBD is absorbed by the body. That means that up to 80-95% of your oil based CBD is wasted before it is able to reach your bloodstream.

We made becalmed water soluble CBD with bioavailability in mind. becalmed delivers cannabinoids at a particle size and formulation that allows ~90% of the cannabinoids to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream, making becalmed more efficient and more effective.

Water Soluble CBD | 600mg | 30ml